Interested in Commissioning Me to Paint or Draw a Portrait For You? Fill Out This Form Below and We Can Work Together to Create a Special Piece of Artwork That You or a Loved One Can Cherish Forever!

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Ampersand Clayboard: this is my favorite surface to paint on! It is a 1/8 inch thick board with a clay coating that is super smooth. When painting with watercolor on the board, you get this really beautiful layering effect like no other surface.
Choose one of these colors. If you have a favorite color not listed, choose other and include the color desired in the above message box.
Arches Smooth Watercolor Paper, Hot Pressed: A slightly more traditional surface for watercolor.
Smooth Bristal Paper: This is the only option I am currently offering for the Graphite Pencil Drawings. A good quality and sturdy surface ideal for super detailed drawings.
I can put as many faces in the painting/drawing as you would like, there is a $100 charge per additional face.